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Aguiar, Mario

Student Success Center Support Staff

Allemand, Angie

Counselor (R-Z)

Allen, Lauren

Science Teacher

Amera, Gashaw

Math Teacher, Ingraham HS


Graduated from Penza Military Engineering College, Russia, 1988 with Mechanical Engineering,M.Sc; graduated from UW with Chemistry; Certified from Antioch University 2001. Personal Message: I love teaching. Passionate and enthusiastic for math

Aoki, Shiho

Japanese Teacher

Arriaga Hernandez, Christian

Augustinho, Stephanie

Becerra, Marbi

FUN Program Bilingual Support

Personal Message

Hi! My name is Marbi Becerra, I was born in the San Fernando Valley, CA, but I grew up in Seattle, WA. I am Mexican decent, so yes, I speak fluent Spanish. I graduated from Ingraham High School and now, I work here as a Bilingual IA for FUN. I have been here for 4 years now. This school has become a big part of me. It feels great to give back to the community.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Marbi Becerra, nací en San Fernando Valley, CA, pero crecí en Seattle, WA. Soy decente mexicano, así que sí, hablo español con fluidez. Me gradué de Ingraham High School y ahora trabajo aquí como IA bilingüe por FUN. He estado aquí durante 4 años. Esta escuela se ha convertido en una gran parte de mí. Se siente muy bien retribuir a la comunidad.

Behr, Peter

Special Education Teacher

Biencourt, Madeleine

Math Teacher


Algebra 1 and Bridge to College Math teacher at Ingraham High School.

Bloom, Jacob

Special Education Teacher

Boland, Jennifer

Special Education Assistant

Bonney, Jensen

Counselor (KK-Q)

Boyett, Janet