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Ingraham Athletics Booster Club (IABC)

The Ingraham Athletics Booster Club (IABC) believes that athletics are an important part of the high school experience and aims to help ALL student athletes have the enriching and successful experiences they deserve. IABC supports the athletic program at Ingraham High School through fundraising to provide much-needed financial support to the sports programs, and by promoting and celebrating athletics in the greater school community.

For the latest athletics information, visit our Ingraham Athletics website

What does IABC do?

  • Champions? Breakfast fundraiser brings the community together and showcases our athletes
  • Dine out fundraisers
  • Grants money to sports programs to help them purchase needed equipment, competition fees, uniforms, training, and more
  • INGYs athletics awards ceremony
  • Provides tools and assistance to teams for their own fundraisers
  • Provides web page platform to all teams

How can I get involved?

Learn more on our Ingraham Athletics website
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Come to a monthly meeting! Meeting details can be found on our Ingraham Athletics website.