Career Connected Learning

Ingraham Career Connected Learning

Catherine SmithCatherine Smith is the Career Connected Learning Coordinator for Ingraham High School. There are two distinct roles of the CCLC: the CC class; and supervision of Worksite Learning. The Career Connected class is a one semester class which helps to prepare students for college and the workplace. Students earn .5 credit toward their occupational or elective graduation requirements. Worksite Learning gives students the opportunity to apply and develop "employability skills" or 21st Century skills in a paid internship.

If a student, age 16 or over, wants to earn high school graduation credit for Worksite Learning, they will need to secure paid employment.  A parent or legal guardian will need to give written permission for a student to participate, and Ms. Smith will visit the site to help make sure all policies are followed and to supervise student progress. 

180 documented work hours are required to earn .5 CTE credit per semester. If a student works 360 hours they can earn 1 full credit. Hours can only be counted toward credit after the student, parent, employer and CCLC have signed the necessary forms. 

For more information please email or stop by room 107. Feel free to complete and return the purple Student Interest Form from outside the door.

Business Partnerships

Ingraham High School is seeking business and industry partners to engage with us in facilitating the following opportunities to students. Partners are welcome from the parent/guardian body:

  • Participate as a Career Speaker. Visit a class or form part of a professional panel at a school career event to inform students about your field and training path.
  • Provide a Student Internship. An internship is a paid or unpaid work experience where students deepen their understanding of a particular field of work while applying skills learned in the classroom. This can also include real world projects where students can be engaged in developing and presenting solutions to on the job challenges. 
  • Host a Work Shadow. Usually a one-time visit by a student to the workplace to learn about the environment and professional activities involved in particular career.
  • Host an Industry tour. Small student groups with chaperones are invited to tour the workplace to get a feel for the nature of the career field and the work environment.
  • Employ a High School Student. Provide summer or entry level employment to students with appropriate skills and training.
  • We also welcome partners to assist with school based Mock Interviews and CTE Program Advisory Committees