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    Ingraham Yearbook

    Yearbooks are on sale until July 15th. $65 on SchoolPay. If you purchase last minute, show your SchoolPay receipt, we will not have a printout of the purchase. But if you show a SchoolPay receipt we will accept that as proof.

    The book is awesome, and you will definitely want to remember all that happened during this extraordinary year. Students have crowd sourced a special section on the Covid-19 outbreak. Don't miss it!

    Yearbook Distribution

    Yearbooks will arrive in early July and will be distributed via drive-through at the East entrance on days/times below. Note that the break down is alphabetical, and try to come on the correct day. If you can't, this won't be enforced. We will also distribute after school starts in the Fall. So no worries if you are lost in the wilds and can't make it in July. But then who knows where we'll be when school starts. Your call.

    You will not be able to buy books at the distribution site. Please buy in advance using SchoolPay. This is so we can comply with social distancing and keep everyone healthy. Be sure to bring an ID. Having your purchase receipt on hand is also recommended in case we've mistakenly not added you to the list.

    Last name begins with A-H
    Monday, July 13

    Last name begins with I-P
    Tues, July 14

    Last name begins with Q-Z
    Wed, July 15

    Contact us for more information


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