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    For more information contact Sharon Peaslee

    You can pay for your yearbook on SchoolPay - we cannot sell yearbooks all year - we only have 4 timeframes to sell. 

    **Next sale window is December 1-21. $60 for the book and $5 for a nameplate, which is optional**

    Senior Photos and quotes are due by January 6, 2020. 

    Please submit quotes and photos via the following links:

    When you upload your senior photos to the Dropbox link, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

    • The photo must have you in it! Make it clear that you are the focus (careful if there are other people somewhere in the photo).
    • Be aware that proportions of the photo will be cropped to a 2:3 vertical rectangle (like this).
    • Photo quality must be at least 300 DPI (or around a couple megabytes file size) when you upload it. Do this by making sure you do not alter the file size of the photo when you are uploading it (ex: when you send things on your phone you will want to send them as “Actual Size”).
    • Use your best judgement when it comes to the photos! We don’t want to put too many restrictions on this but if your photo is deemed inappropriate or unusable we will have to contact you via email and ask for an alternative.

    ****Unfortunately we are no longer able to sell Senior ads due to lack of space***

    If you want to create your own senior ad, submit it as a PDF file and we will insert it into the book as such.
    If you want us to create the ad for you please submit high resolution JPEG images along with whatever text you would like on the ad.

    Additionally, please provide the following contact information:

    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Your Name and the Students Name

    Pay for Senior Ads on School Pay:

    • ¼ page: $70
    • ½ page: $130
    • Full page: $250

    Use SchoolPay or with check/cash and order form. Order forms are available at
    Main Office and Room 205.

    Contact us for more information


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