Eligibility Requirements

Athletics Eligibility Requirements

Seattle Public Schools has a 2.0 Grade Point Policy . The policy requires that all students (grades 9-12) participating in extracurricular/interscholastic activities shall:

  • Maintain a 2.0 term grade point average in at least 5 academic classes and earn 2.5 credits during the previous semester/term
  • Be enrolled in courses that ensure normal progress toward graduation.
  • Maintain the number of credits necessary for advancement to the next grade level.

All student-athletes must have grade checks conducted every four to six weeks during the sport season.  The student-athlete must maintain eligibility at each grade check.  (Flow charts for grade check dates appear under each sports season.) If the student-athlete is NOT eligible he/she is placed on athletic probation/suspension.

  • If the student-athlete is:
    • “Group A” – (based on previous semester grades), he/she is ineligible until he/she regains eligibility based on a grade check.
    • “Group B” – (based o previous semester grades), he/she is ineligible for five weeks. He/she regains athletic eligibility based on a five-week grade check.
      • “Group B” student-athletes may be on athletic probation/suspension once per sport season or term.

Student-athletes academically ineligible may participate in practices, but will not be allowed to play in games until he/she becomes academically eligible.

Interscholastic athletics is a voluntary program. Thus, competition is a privilege.  With the privilege is the responsibility to conform to standards established for the high school athletic teams and to follow all school, league, and state policies. This privilege may be revoked when the athlete fails or refuses to comply with the rules.

  Transfer students from Private High Schools to Ingraham and all 5th year students are required to go through an eligibility hearing with a  SeaKing District 2 hearing committee before being cleared to participate in an athletic contest. All SPS academic eligibility rules apply to transferring students.

SPS & WIAA Athletic Eligibility, Policies & Information: