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    Counseling Bulletin Aug 28, 2020
    Posted on 08/01/2020

    Greetings from the Counseling Office!

    Thank you for your patience during this time!  Our goal is to increase communication from this department to our Ingraham students and families. With that in mind, our plan is to send out a Counseling Office news bulletin every Friday.

    We are still reaching out to new-to-the-district students and families.  We will call or email those students as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued patience. 

    Schedule Change Requests:

    1. All requests must be sent through the following MS forms link 
    2. No teacher changes
    3. No elective changes
    4. Request if you have a hole in your schedule.
    5. Request if you are missing a Core class (LA/SS/Science/Math).
    6. Request for level changes; for example, if you are in the wrong math class.
    7. Request if you no longer are doing RS.
    8. The Master Schedule is attached to this email.
    9. No appointments for a schedule change. MS forms only.

    If you need an appointment for some other reason, however, please go to this link

    Select the type of appointment needed and one of the time options.

    Running Start:  If you are doing RS and your schedule doesn’t say RS, contact your counselor asap through the above link! A verification form may need to be signed. If you still need to sign up for RS, again please make an appointment via the link above.


    Leanne Hust (A - DU):

    Kathryn Feder (DW - KI):

    Jensen Bonney (KK - Q):

    Angie Allemand (R - Z)

    Counseling Secretary: Nif Unterschute:

    Registrar: Cindy Spencer

    IB Coordinator: Guy Thomas

    FYI  Counseling Office News that went out to all parents (School Messenger) and students (new SPS emails) today. 


    FAPA (Future and Active Pilot Advisors) VIRTUAL FUTURE PILOT FORUM
    Saturday, 08/29/20 | 1 PM - 4 PM Central Time

    Register for the FAPA Virtual Future Pilot Forum to learn about pathways to professional pilot careers. Students of all ages, their parents, school counselors, non-aviation separating military personnel and career changers are invited. If you have less than 250 hours or no commercial certificate, this is the right event for you. The event is FREE.

    Delta Private Jets and FAPA will be giving presentations and taking Q & A starting at 1 PM Central Standard Time.

    You will receive a Zoom Webinar registration link upon registration. (Posted in bulletin 8/27/20)

    University of Delaware virtual visit website:    You’ll be able to hear about campus life directly from their students, see inside their residence halls and find out more about programs like the Honors College and World Scholars. They can also view a presentation by the executive director of admissions, Douglas Zander, who will walk students through the admissions process and give a brief overview of the University. 

    Best of U UK colleges (The BEST of U consortium: Bristol University, Durham University, Newcastle University, Southampton University and the University of York are five top ranked UK universities that have been travelling together since 2014.)  They are offering two (2) webinars for students, families, counselors and anyone interested in UK study.

    Webinar #1 will take place on Saturday 12th September @5pm (UK time), EDT 12:00pm, CDT 11:00am, PDT 9:00am. Please register here: The BEST of U consortium will deliver its standard suite of presentations for all those interested in the UK. This will include short presentations on:

    1. Why choose the UK? (10 minutes)
    2. How to apply to the UK? (10 minutes)
    3. Individual presentations from BEST of U universities (5 minutes each)

    Webinar #2 will take place on Sunday 11th October @5pm (UK time), EDT 12:00pm, CDT 11:00am, PDT 9:00am. Please register here: The program is the same as the one that takes place on Sept 12.

    Seattle Public Schools Email Accounts for Students

    On May 26, 2020, Seattle Public Schools launched Outlook email accounts for all students. To better support remote continuous learning, the district is enabling student email accounts.

    These changes will help improve communications, user experience, and security for students and teachers.  Please share this link with your student, which has instructions and more information about the student email accounts: