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    Class of 2021 and beyond have a new credit requirement of 24 credits. You've looked at your graduation requirements and have hopefully noticed that there are "Flexible Credits" to fit your "Personal Pathway". So what does that mean?

    Seattle Public Schools wants to ensure that every student is College and Career Ready. They believe that the majority of credit requirements, including 2.0 credits of World Language and 2.0 credits of Art will help do that for students. Most colleges require 2.0 World Language and 1.0 of Art. They have stated that 2.0 World Language and 1.0 Art credit can be "Flexible Credits". If you plan on going into the work force, or technical college, where other Ingraham classes could be more beneficial, you can replace those "Flexible Credits" with classes more suited to your needs.

    For example, if you plan on being a professional chef and attending a Culinary Program, they may not require 2.0 credits of World Language. So you may decide that you want to take Nutrition and Wellness and our Culinary class instead of World Language.

    This Personal Pathway is to ensure that students are on a path to a secondary plan that suits them best. That does not mean a traditional 4-year university for all students. Please talk to your counselor if you have questions about your Personal Pathway. See the images below for a visual example.

    Students have the choice of taking 2 credits World Language or 2 credits that meet their career goals. Students can meet with their school counselor to discuss their options. Students need 24 credits and may be able to take them all if they plan well!

    *World Languages are required for 2 or 4 year college admissions
    **Students may also substitute one year of art for personal pathway courses

    personal pathway, an umbrella of choices.