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    Tutoring Hours for ALL Grades! 2018-2019


    University Tutors for Seattle Schools (UTSS)

    University Tutors for Seattle Schools logoUniversity Tutors for Seattle Schools (UTSS) is a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation that provides educational supports. At Ingraham UTSS provides academic support case managers for 9th grade students. The case managers at Ingraham each work with 12-15 freshmen to help them with the difficult transition from 8th grade to high school. Academic supports, positive self-advocacy,dealing with peers, truancy issues and time management are but a few of the ways that these case managers assist our incoming 9th graders.

    El Centro logo

    El Centro de la Raza

    El Centro de la Raza is an advocate for social justice issues in Seattle. They work to raise awareness with the general public, government, businesses and civic leaders about the needs of the community. At Ingraham high school they provide social and emotional supports for some of our most at risk freshmen. In addition the provide translation for Latino students and their families and connect students to cultural events they hold at Ingraham and around the city.