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    ORCA cards to ride Metro Transit are distributed at the beginning of each school year.

    All high school students may receive an ORCA card. Students need to be attending school full-time and not just for athletic purposes only. Unclaimed cards are sent back to the district. If you did not pick up your card, please email Dana Williams at to order a card. Please include your full name and student ID number.

    Replacement ORCA cards:

    • Send email to if ORCA card is lost, stolen or damaged.
    • There is $5.50 fee for first lost, damaged cards; $25 fee for every replacement thereafter.
    • A link will be sent to the student/parent to take care of the cost via SchoolPay (different links, different costs) via return email.
    • Fiscal notifies attendance when a fee has been paid.
    • A request for a card is sent to Transportation.
    • The request is confirmed valid by Transportation and a card is scheduled for delivery.
    • Deliveries are made on Tuesdays only.
    • Once received, the card can be picked up by the student/parent; signed off by staff.
    ORCA – Just stopped working:
    • Send email to if ORCA card just stopped working and there is no damage.
    • Take a clear picture of the card on a flat surface, front and back, and include in email.
    • The email will be forwarded to the Transportation department to make a determination.
    • Transportation will notify Ingraham of any fees and/or forward a new card.


    Ingraham Shuttles
    Currently not Running

    Please check back for the 2021-22 Schedule in the Fall.