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IHS Bulletin 8-27-2021

Ingraham High School Bulletin
August 27, 2021

Attendance Office:  Please email

If your student will not be attending Ingraham this school year, it is important to let us know!  Please email our Registrar, Cindy Spencer at

As our new Ingraham website just went live, everything is not up to date on the website yet.  We are working on getting all important information uploaded and links working again as soon as we are able.  If you have questions, please call the main office 206-252-3880.

Important COVID-19 Reminder:  Masks are required in all Seattle Public Schools for the 2021-22 school year, whether you are vaccinated or not.

A few updates since last week!  Please read all the way through for very important start-of-school information.

Volunteering at Ingraham – Update

Welcome to the new school year! We are super excited to be able to have volunteers return to the building! 

SPS now requires volunteers to be vaccinated/be able to show proof of vaccination and to complete an online Covid 19 Safety Training

Please visit the volunteer portal to access and update your volunteer application with your Covid vaccination status

We are only able to accept volunteers who have completed the online application process, including the new requirements listed above, and are approved. If you have not yet applied, please visit the SPS Volunteer Application to become an approved volunteer.

We are already planning volunteer supported activities for September. There is a Welcome Back Laptop Distribution 9/1-3. Yuen Lui Photography has requested help with picture days scheduled for 9/14, 9/16, 9/17 and re-takes on 10/14. A Sign Up Genius for each event will be made available.

IF YOU VOLUNTEER you MUST email a screen shot or PDF of the Covid 19 Safety course completion page to Jill Metz at and

Please contact Elizabeth Hudd at or with any questions about volunteering. 

Laptop Distribution Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers needed on Sept 1st – 3rd.  Please sign up at this Sign-Up Genius link:

NEWLY ADDED!  Orientation for New 11th and 12th Graders to Ingraham:  September 1st

If you are in 11th or 12th grade and NEW to Ingraham, you are invited to a new student orientation on Sept. 1st at 1:00pm in the Ingraham Auditorium.  You will be greeted by our ASB Officers, and they can give assistance in finding classes and answering questions.  After your orientation, you will follow your class schedule in the afternoon.  See first-day class schedule below. 

Freshman & Sophomore Orientation and the First Day of School for All:  September 1st

Freshman and Sophomores only in AM.  Upper grades report after lunch.  See schedule below.

Students will have an opportunity to pick up their ORCA card and locker assignment. 

The Ingraham community is so excited to welcome all our students back into the building for the first day of school!  Many have had questions about orientations and tours.  9th and 10th graders will have required orientations on the first day of school. These orientations will be separate to give each class a specific and unique experience.  After orientations there will be a lunch break, then all grades 9-12 will attend a shortened schedule of their classes.  If you have any questions about orientation, please contact the main office or email Nicole Hawkinson

9th graders please arrive no later than 8:55 and gather in the CAFETERIA. 

10th graders please arrive no later than 11:20 and gather in the CAFETERIA.

11th and 12th graders who are NEW to Ingraham, please arrive at 1:00 and go to the AUDITORIUM.

8:55:                   9th graders arrive at the Ingraham cafeteria

8:55 – 11:00:     9th grade orientation

*11:00 – 1:00:   9th grade activities (Support Team intros, Orca cards, lockers, laptops, Q&A and more)

11:20:                 10th graders arrive at Ingraham cafeteria

11:20 – 1:00:     10th grade orientation

1:00:                   New 11th and 12th graders arrive at the Ingraham auditorium for orientation

1:00 – 1:45:       Lunch and upper grades arrive no later than 1:45

First Day Class Schedule:

1:50 – 2:05:       1st period

2:10 – 2:25:       2nd period

2:30 – 2:45:       3rd period

2:50 – 3:05:       4th period

3:10 – 3:25:       5th period

3:30 – 3:45:       6th period

Ingraham 2021-2022 Bell Schedule

Daily Bell Schedule – Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri

1st Period            8:55-9:50
2nd Period           9:55–10:55

Break                  10:55–11:10

3rd Period           11:15–12:10

4th Period           12:15–1:10

Lunch                 1:15–1:45

5th Period           1:50–2:45

6th Period           2:50–3:45

Wednesday Early Dismissal Bell Schedule

1st Period            8:55-9:35
2nd Period           9:40-10:20

Advisory             10:20-10:45

Break                  10:45-10:55

3rd Period           11:00-11:40

4th Period           11:45-12:25

Lunch                 12:30-1:00

5th Period           1:05 -1:45

6th Period           1:50-2:30

Laptop Distribution

Laptops will be distributed during the first week of school.  There will be a $25 usage fee for laptops, payable through SchoolPay.  Please contact your Counselor or Grade Level AP if you see this as a financial barrier for your family.

Please print and sign the Laptop Device Agreement and bring during the first week of school to make the checkout process go quicker.  If you don’t have a printer, forms will be available at school.  The Laptop Agreement can be found at the link with the Start of School forms below. 

IMPORTANT:  Students, if you kept your laptop over the summer and you have not turned it on in several weeks, please follow these directions BEFORE the first day of school:

There have been many laptop updates pushed out all summer and we need to make sure your laptops are fully up to date and ready for learning on the first day of school.

Also, ensure you have the most up-to-date Teams experience.

Once all of this is done, do a full shutdown and restart.  Repeat and repeat again for a total of three full restarts to complete the update process.

Once you arrive at school, if your laptop is not working properly, restart it again.  If you have any tech issues with your laptop, call 206-252-0100 or email

Start-of-School Forms – Complete by Friday, September 17th

Families can find the fillable forms that are required to be returned to school here:

  • Emergency Information and Student Release (required)
  • FERPA (required)
  • Health Information Form (required)
  • 504-2 Survey to Identify Students with Disabilities (fill out if applicable)
  • Indian Education Program, Native Education (fill out if applicable, new students only)
  • Student Meals, Free and Reduced Lunch Application (fill out if applicable)
  • Student Housing Questionnaire (fill out if applicable, for those experiencing housing insecurity)
  • Technology Forms (Laptop device agreement, bring on the first day of school)

You can submit your completed forms in the following ways:

After completing each form, save each as a file, then email all as attachments to

Print them at home and send them to school with your student to drop off at the main office.

Mail them to:  Ingraham High School, 1819 N. 135th St, Seattle, WA 98133

If you need a paper packet, please have your student pick it up in the main office. 

Up-to-Date Contact Information

Make sure we have your most up-to-date information. At the start of every school year, parents and guardians can update family contact information on the Student Verification Form .

This fall, you will use the Source to submit updates including phone number and email addresses. The Source has lots of other great information including student attendance and course work.

Transportation to School – ORCA and Shuttles

SHUTTLE SCHEDULE HAS BEEN UPDATED.  Please disregard the schedule that was sent last week.  Refer to the new one attached.  The district has announced it will provide shuttles via yellow school bus, which are first come-first served once the bus is full. 

ORCA Cards:  All students at Ingraham will receive an ORCA card to ride Metro for the school year, which they can pick up on the first day of school.  The SPS Transportation Department has mailed a form to your home address, which includes a bus pass for the first day of school.  Student should bring the signed form when picking up their ORCA card. 

If your family qualifies for transportation through Special Ed. or another program, you should have received your transportation information from the SPS Transportation Department.  If you did not, please call Transportation at 206-252-0900.


Current students who have registered for classes will be able to access their class schedules online beginning August 25th on the Source.  Starting August 25th, students will be able to access the Schedule Change Request MS forms through the IHS Counseling website.  Schedule changes requested via email will not be honored.  Please use this link:  Schedule Change Form

Reminder:  Schedule changes are only allowed for incomplete schedules, wrong level/track, missing graduation requirements and Running Start Schedules. 

School Picture Days

Yuen Lui Photography Studio will be our school photographer again this year.  Student ID cards will be provided to students immediately after their photo is taken at no charge.  Photo packages may be ordered online and will be shipped directly to your chosen mailing address:  LINK TO ORDER

Picture days are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, September 14th:  9th and 10th grade during LA class

Thursday, September 16th:  11th and 12th grade during LA class

Friday, September 17th:  Anyone who missed their picture day on Tuesday or Thursday.

Running Start students may drop by on any of the above dates to have their picture taken and receive their student ID card. 

Thursday, October 14th:  Picture retake day

Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL STUDENTS for 2021-2022 School Year

The USDA is funding FREE meals for all students through the 2021-22 school year. 

Although lunch and breakfast are free for all students this year, it is still important to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Online Application, if you are eligible.  If your family qualifies for FRL, this can also provide reduced fees for ASB and sports fees, college testing fees, field trips, Running Start books, college application fees, etc..  You can find the application on the SPS website:

Welcome Wagon for 9th Grade Families and New Families to Ingraham

September 9th, 6pm-8pm

It has been an Ingraham High School tradition to host a Welcome Wagon event in the Spring for incoming 9th grade families.  Due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to host this event the last couple of Spring seasons.  This fall, we are hosting a Welcome Wagon for 9th grade families and any new families who would like more information about activities, clubs, and sports at Ingraham High School.  Various groups will have tables set up and will be ready to answer your questions.  The Friends of Ingraham (FOI, our parent/teacher group) will also be here to answer any questions about their role with IHS.  Masks are required at this event. 

Curriculum Night – September 23rd

More information to come, whether this will be an in-person event or strictly virtual due to the size of our community and pending any potential COVID restrictions. 

Sports Sign Ups

If you are planning on participating in Fall sports, sign up now on Final Forms via  Make sure your sports physical is up to date before you show up to practice!  Contact Athletics Secretary, Maria Medina at if you have questions. 

School Communication

Ingraham uses various methods to communicate information out to students and families:

  • Students, please start checking your SPS email inbox daily for information from school. 
  • Ingraham High School App (download this on your smart phone)
  • Schoology pages
  • School Bulletins:  We email the school bulletin via a system called School Messenger.  Occasionally, we hear from parents/guardians who say they are not receiving the bulletin or have suddenly stopped receiving them.  It is usually an email filter problem or you have inadvertently unsubscribed.  Please manage your communication preferences at this link:
  • Find more information about SPS Communication Preferences here: Communication Preferences

Ingraham Main Office Contacts

Principal:  Martin Floe

9th grade Administrator:  Assistant Principal John Houston

10th grade Administrator:  Assistant Principal Tami Brewer

11th / 12th grade Administrator:  Assistant Principal Sue Kleitsch

Administrative Secretary:  Jill Metz

Athletics Director:  Traci Huffer

Athletics Secretary:  Maria Medina

Registrar:  Cindy Spencer

Attendance:  Dana Williams

Fiscal Clerk:  Nilar Thein Chen

Counseling Team:

Last names starting with A – Du:  Counselor Leanne Hust

Last names starting with Dw – Ki:  Counselor Kathryn Feder

Last names starting with KK – Q:  Counselor Jensen Bonney

Last names starting with R – Z:  Counselor Angie Allemand

Counseling Secretary:  Jennifer Connolly