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    IB FAQ

    What is ManageBac?  

    Each IB student has a ManageBac account, this is a dashboard similar to Schoology to upload and communicate between student, teachers and IB. Students will upload CAS activities to be approved, reflections, learning objectives and all EE drafts and reflections.  

    What is the EE?

    Link to the IB web page

    When are EE proposal submissions at Ingraham?

    March and April the Extended Essay is rolled out at Ingraham the student will attend a meeting to hear about the EE after the meeting they are sent a Google form to submit their topic proposal, the advisors then discuss the topics and assign themselves to topics.

    How do I know my advisor?

    You will be contacted by our advisor by SPS email and or by Schoology

    What is the EE Timeline?

    -- this is just a sample of the timeline

    • April 5-9: EE roll out. See Extended Essay folder in ManageBac see EE tab.
    • April 22: Topic subject proposal submitted – Google Forms/TSP.
    • April 29: Target date for advisor assignment.
    • May 7:
      • Deadline for first meeting with advisor.  Focus on research question & research plan.
      • First reflection submitted two days after meeting. Select Extended Essay tab and select Planning and Progress Form. 500 words total for all three reflections together.
    • May 14: Due date for research question & plan to be posted to the Worksheet on the Extended Essay tab.
    • June 10:
      • Interim conference with advisor completed.
      • List of sources and working outline submitted to Extended Essay documents on the Worksheet tab.
      • Second reflection submitted within two days of conference.
    • Summer: Write and finish the research paper stay in touch with your advisor.

    Fall 2021:

    • Sept. 10, 2021: Full draft submitted to advisor for comments.
    • Oct. 1, 2021: Final essay submitted and report posted to Extended Essay documents on Worksheet tab.
    • Oct. 8, 2021: Viva voce (exit interview with advisor) & final reflection deadline.

    What is TOK?

    Here is a link to the IB web page

    How do you sign up for TOK?

    When you declare you are going to do the IB diploma that flags your student account to automatically register you for TOK in the 2nd semester of your first year and first semester of your 2nd year in the IB programme.  

    What is the TOK essay?

    This essay is within the class and the topics are worked on with your teacher. When is it due?

    The dates will be assigned by the TOK teacher and posted in Schoology.

    What is CAS?

    This defines and explains what is expected.

    When are the check points?

    Here is a tentative schedule

    CAS First Year
    September  2020:   Introduction to the CAS Programme
    October              Intro to the CAS Project
    October               CAS Experiences (2) Due                            
    January               CAS Reflections (2) Due
    April                     CAS Reflections (2) Due                            
    June                     CAS Reflections (2) Due
    CAS Second Year
    TBD:                     CAS Check-In/Inventory
    October               CAS October Check in
    January       Third Reflection Due
                                  CAS January Check (2nd Quarter)
    April                     CAS April Check (3rd Quarter)
    June                     CAS Portfolio Final Due Date

               CAS Summative Reflection & CAS Completion Form

    Ask your student what they have been doing for the CAS hours.

    Calendar for of IAs and Exams

    Internal Assessments are throughout the calendar year and teachers will assign the dates

    Due to Remote Learning the calendar was adjusted as needed. See the website for Remote Learning changes.

    Questions on due dates: See the Registration page for details on: 

    • when accommodations are due,
    • when registration fees are due and
    • when scholarship for registration fees are due