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    Requesting Letters of Recommendation from your Counselor

    Each counselor has roughly 350 students. We want to make sure we meet with you before we submit any documents and write your letter of recommendation so it can be more personal. To request a letter of recommendation or for counselors to submit any documentation on your behalf, you will need to complete a brag sheet and then bring it to your senior meeting. A date for your meeting will be provided for you on your documents that get sent in the summer. Please do this at least three weeks before your due date. The more we know about you, the better we can write a letter that represents your unique talents and accomplishments.

    1. Fill out the Brag Sheetpdf icon
    2. Come to your senior meeting in the Counseling Office. Bring your brag sheet, and everything that was sent to you in the summer from your counselor.

    *Note: Ingraham is using Naviance this year. Be sure to add every college you're applying to in Naviance. This is where you'll request transcripts. Letters of recommendations will be requested via your application portal (e.g., CommonApp, SendEDU, Coalition, etc.)