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    Class of 2021
    Posted on 04/03/2018
    Campus Day is Friday, June 7th. This is an opportunity for the Class of 2021 to sell food products to their fellow IHS students and raise funds to cover Senior Class events! The cost of food tickets is $1.00 each; and the items will run for between 1-3 tickets.

    The Class of 2021 is wanting to sell Pad Thai (scooped into small drink cups, served w/fork).

    The Class is asking for your help to avoid spending class monies to purchase supplies: clear plastic cups-9 0z; forks and PAD THAI.

    If you are able to assist, please reply to Dana Williams and Theo Debroux by Thursday, June 6th morning. We will go out to purchase what is still needed Thursday afternoon/evening.

    Thank you!

    CLASS OF 2021
    (this information may be revised and/or updated at any time)

    Class President - Thea DeBroux
    Class Vice-President – Talia Glick
    Class Advisor: Dana Williams

    Class Facebook page: Ingraham Class of 2021
    Class Instagram account: 2021savage

    The class size is currently at 360 students; the fundraisers are to raise the necessary funds/monies to pay for the Class Senior Events – Prom, Senior Breakfast, and SPREE. This is inclusive of venue/booking fees, transportation, food/drinks, party favors, security, music, etc.

    The Prom will need to be booked no later than June 2020, if not sooner (anticipate approximate cost of $24,000 total; with a deposit due June 2020 of a few thousand dollars); parents will be charged with the organization of SPREE starting in September 2020 with final contracts needed by April 1, 2021 (if you are interested in chairing this committee, please contact Dana Williams) and will be provided with a budget for the event (book venue (x2 at least), food/drinks, party favors; anticipate approximately $20,000 minimum needed); and then Senior Breakfast, and transportation to SPREE (4 buses, chartered). These approximate costs are derived from expenses for the Class of 2016 whose total expenses came to $51,827.42.

    Upcoming Fundraisers and Events

    • Talent Show (March 22, 2019) – done (very low attendance; raised $456.33; below goal)
    • Ingraham Auction-Raffle (March 30, 2019) – done (raised $4,025)
    • Junior Year fundraiser (February 2020; goal $4,000+) - Seeking ideas, i.e. sock hop, drag race (was Mr. HeartThrob)
    • Track concessions (2019-2020 Track season)
    • Holiday Wreath Sales (Sr. year; Nov-Dec 2020; goal $8,000+) - Seeking committee members (parent & student) Sell 25 or more wreaths-Senior Card free
    • Senior Card sales 2021 (Oct. 2020-May 2021) Approx. $115, final amount TBD; covers Prom, Senior Breakfast & SPREE.
    • Dessert Dash (April 2020 Auction) Class of 2021 parents provide desserts
      o Attendees will bid on desserts; seeking Parent coordinator (goal $12,000+)
      Senior Awards Night 2020 (Class of 2021 supports by being catering staff) - Seeking volunteers
      Commencement 2020 (Class of 2021 supports by being ushers (8)) - Seeking volunteers
      Homecoming Dance (Fall 2020; a portion of the proceeds will be awarded to Class of 2021)
      Senior Awards Night 2021 (Late May-early June)
      Senior Prom 2021 (June) - Seeking class committee members (staff will chaperone)
      Senior Breakfast 2021 (before Commencement; seeking committee members)
      Commencement 2021 (June)
      SPREE 2021 – (after Commencement) Seeking parent coordinators only (no student involvement)

    Committees (Class members needed)

    Holiday Wreath Fundraiser
    Help develop a plan to involve class members with sales strategy to maximize opportunity to raise funds to apply to senior events. Solicit parent involvement to assist with ribbon making, and supervision of distribution upon delivery. Class members who sell a minimum of 25 wreaths receive free Senior Card.

    Senior Prom
    Locate/recommend venue (sub-committee), Entertainment (sub-committee), Décor/Theme (sub-committee)

    Senior Breakfast
    Locate/recommend venue (sub-committee), Performances/Entertainment (subcommittee)

    Meet and suggest ideas/options for additional fundraising options; the more funds raised in events, the more funds available to cover senior events and the lower the cost of the Senior Card.

    Class Members…Want to join a committee?
    Contact your class officers or post your interest to Facebook today!

    Parent Volunteer Information (and requirements)
    All volunteers including our community based partners are required to:

    • Complete a Volunteer Application: Volunteer Application (annually). The volunteer application needs to be submitted to the school volunteer coordinator (main office)
    • Complete the Screening Form for background check (WATCH):background check (annually)*
    • Read and sign (page 18-19) the Volunteer Handbook: Volunteer Handbook (annually). Follow the procedures outlined in the handbook
    • Complete the online video course “ASM”: Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention online course (required only once)—excel spreadsheet provided to schools weekly
    • Read the Volunteer Policy. 5630 (Volunteers): Policy 5630 (annually)


    Homecoming Dance (Fall - yearly)
    Winter Ball (February - yearly)
    Yearbook (yearly)
    Senior Cards (Senior Year)
    Senior Pictures (Senior Year)
    Cap & Gown (Senior year-National Achiever)
    Graduation Announcements (Senior year)
    Prom (Senior year - clothes, transportation, hair, flowers/boutonniere, etc.)
    Commencement (Senior year - clothes, keepsakes for friends, etc.)


    Don’t forget, this class is under the 24-hour credit rule for academics. That leaves NO flexibility for partial schedules, not passing classes – students MUST PASS ALL 6 CLASSES, EVERY SEMESTER, EVERY YEAR to graduate on time.