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    Ingraham High School Counseling Center

    It's registration season. Current students- if you haven't registered for classes next year, please e-mail your school counselor the courses you would like to take for the 2020-21 school year. See the available courses in our course catalog below. Not all courses in the catalog are guaranteed to be offered- it's based on course requests and our budget. Make sure you choose a full schedule of 6 classes and at least a few alternates in case you don't get your first choices. Running Start students should still sign up for a full-schedule. Once you have registered for Running Start classes, Ingraham classes will be dropped. We will share more on this process as Running Start registration gets closer.

    Class of 2024 and 2020-21 New Students: We will be sending out registration information the week of April 20th! Also check out our registration tab for information. You'll have from April 20th to May 20th to complete the registration process.

    It's time to register!

    View the YouTube videos for how to register online:
    Current 9th graders signing up for 10th grade courses:
    Current 10th graders signing up for 11th grade courses:
    Current 11th graders signing up for 12th grade course:

    Registration is open until March 13th

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