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    IBx - Internships

    Students in the Accelerated International Baccalaureate (IBx) program at Ingraham High School have the opportunity to participate in a work-site internship during their senior year. To be eligible to participate in this program, they must have taken at least one semester of a CTE-qualified course either prior to, or concurrent with, their internship. A list of CTE courses that students can take to meet this prerequisite can be found here. List of CTE Qualified Courses (PDF)

    Students will be expected to work 90 hours per semester (paid internships require 180 hours of work per semester). The internship will be listed on the student’s official school transcript (0.5 credits per semester) and can be taken pass/fail, if desired, so as not to affect student’s class ranking.

    Students are matched up with work-sites by a variety of means: some students already have an internship arranged by the time school starts in the Fall, other students will get ideas from discussing their interests with an internship adviser or by looking at a list of available options. All participating students will be matched up with a work-site by the middle of September 2016.

    We are actively engaged in identifying work site opportunities for these highly capable students. If you know of a business or organization that might be open to hosting an intern, please fill out the top section of the attached “job listing” form and submit it to Joanne Patrick at Career & Technical Education (using contact info on form).

    Submitting this form in no way commits you or your organization to hosting an intern - it simply provides contact information for a follow-up conversation with CTE staff. Please direct any questions about the CTE Internship program to Joanne Patrick:

    Internship Application Process

    Deadline for Fall Semester 2016 Internships is June 1, 2016!

    Below are links to important documents that each student must submit to CTE in order to participate in the internship program. Please note that students do not need to have identified a specific worksite prior to submitting the application. Students have all summer and even the first few weeks of the Fall quarter to be matched with a worksite.

    It is strongly recommended that students submit these forms now to signal their intention to participate in the Internship program. Students who do not have forms on file at CTE will not have the option to participate in the Fall.

    Please mail the completed forms to:

    Joanne Patrick, Academy Coordinator
    Seattle Public Schools
    Box 34165 MS 31-671
    Seattle 98124-1165

    * Please note that there are seven (7) forms (indicated with *) that must be included in the student’s application packet. Some of these forms only require a signature at this time, so please use the following instructions to help you fill out the forms.

    Forms - All forms in are PDF format. Please download to fill out.

    1. Internship & Service Learning (one page) – nothing to fill out here – just general information about internships. Internship & Service Learning

    2. * Internship Application Checklist (two pages) – Fill out the top line on first page and signatures on 2nd page. Where it says "Academy/Program" fill in IBx. Make a copy of your photo ID and attach that. Social Security card will not be needed for unpaid (90 hrs) internships, but if you plan on doing a paid internship (180 hrs) you should include a copy of that, as well. Confidential teacher recommendations will be sent directly from Ingraham, so no need to worry about that. Cover letter and Resume will be due the first week of the semester.
    3. * Internship Application (two pages) – Fill out the whole thing. Copy of green card only necessary if you are not a US citizen. Current Job section is only necessary if you are currently working and want to convert your job into an internship for school credit.
    4. Confidential Recommendation (two pages) – This form will be filled out by a teacher or counsellor and faxed directly to CTE (i.e. not included in student’s application package).
    5. * Parent/Guardian Medical Information and Emergency Waiver (one page) – Fill out the whole thing.
    6. * Student-Parent-School Agreement (one page) – Fill out all except for the Internship Coordinator name & signature. IBX Student parent school agreement 16-17

    7. * Worksite Learning Agreement (one page) – Parent signature and date required. Worksite learning agreement 2015-16

    8. * Cooperative Worksite Learning Agreement (one page) – Fill out student info at the top of the page (where it says "Academy" fill in IBx). Parent and student must both sign and date form.
    9. * Washington State Labor & Industry Parent/School Authorization (three page) – This is from the WA department of Labor & Industries. Basically it ensures that students/minors are not working more hours than the State allows. Page 3 gives details about how many hours a student is legally allowed to work based on student's age, type of industry, etc. Please review these regulations so you understand your rights and limitations. At this time you only need to fill out the employee part (that's you) and the school part on the first page. Leave the Employer info blank (unless you already know where you will be working). The rest will get filled in once you have been matched up with a work site. WA L&I School year parent authorization form

    Other CTE documents

    (included for information only – these are not part of the application process)