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    IB Exams offered for May 2019

    Year 1 – Anticipated & Course Candidates (Juniors/1st year)
    • Anticipated candidates may take one or two SL exams.
    • Course candidates may take more than two SL exams.

    World Languages
    French SL
    Japanese SL
    Spanish SL

    Experimental Sciences

    Biology SL
    Chemistry SL
    Environmental Systems & Societies SL
    Physics SL

    Mathematics SL
    Math Studies SL

    Business & Management SL
    Computer Science SL
    Film SL
    Music SL/group or solo performance
    Music SL/creating
    Philosophy SL
    Psychology SL
    Visual Arts SL

    Year 2 – Diploma & Course Candidates (Seniors & 2nd year)

    • Students may choose from the SL exams listed above and the following HL exams:
    Literature HL 
    Language and Literature HL

    World Languages
    French HL
    Japanese HL 
    Spanish HL 

    Individuals & Society 
    History of the Americas HL

    Experimental Sciences
    Biology HL

    Mathematics HL

    Music HL
    Psychology HL
    Visual Arts HL
    Core Requirements for Diploma candidates
    Extended Essay subject
    Theory of Knowledge