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    International Baccalaureate Program          TriWorldSchool2Blackmedcrest2

    Ingraham High School

    May 2018 Exam Fee Schedule

    Year 2: Diploma Candidates (2nd year of the Diploma Program)


                4 Exams                      5 Exams                      6 Exams


                $529                            $648                            $939



    Year 1: Anticipated Candidates (1st year of the Diploma Program)


                1 Exam                        2 Exams


                $323                            $442



    Course Candidates   (Juniors & Seniors taking one or more exams for certificates.)


    1 Exam            2 Exams          3 Exams          4 exams           5 exams          


    $295                $415                $535                $655                $775



    Exam registration forms will be available in October.  Diploma and Anticipated candidates will complete their registration through ManageBac. Deadline for exam registration and fee payment is Wednesday, 1 November 2017.


    All exam fees include a registration fee and subject exam fees assessed by IBO as well as fees for postage and supplies assessed by Ingraham High School.


    Federal and state funding is available to reduce exam fees for eligible students.  Applications will be available with registration forms.  In addition, Ingraham can offer partial scholarships to help reduce exam fees for families that do not qualify for the Federal program.  Funds are limited, to qualify please submit a request along with the draft pre-registration worksheet by Thursday, 26 October 2017.


    Candidates with 504s or IEPs may submit a request for accommodations during IB exams.  The request must be submitted by Nov. 3, 2017 and include the 504 or IEP, a medical or psychological evaluation, and permission to share information with IBO.  While IBO is committed to accommodating candidates with special assessment needs, as a global program IB does not adhere to any specific country’s standards and practices for granting accommodations.



    To register, all students must submit a signed honor code.  To register as a senior diploma candidate, students must have submitted a final copy of their extended essay.