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    IB Exam Registration Details
    Posted on 11/02/2020

    IB Exam Registration Details: May 2021 Examinations

    Learning is but an adjunct to ourself, And where we are our learning like wise is.
    -- Shakespeare, LLL, IV.3

    • Review the material in the packet and consult college web-sites for information regarding college credit and waivers given for the IB Diploma and Certificates.

    • Register as:
      • Diploma candidate (second year of diploma program)
      • Anticipated candidate (first year of diploma program)
      • Course candidate (juniors & seniors, not full diploma program).

    • Course candidates must submit a signed honor code with their registration forms.

    • Federal and state programs help reduce exam fees for students eligible for free and reduced lunch. Pick-up a packet from Guy Thomas.

    • Ingraham can offer partial scholarships through the Corrie Lazar Fund to help families not eligible for the federal program. Funds are limited. To qualify please submit a request along with a copy of the ManageBac ‘IB Exam Registration Form’ or the ‘Registration Worksheet’ from this packet to Guy Thomas by Friday, 6 November, 2020

    • Candidates with 504s or IEPs may submit a request for accommodations during IB exams. The request must include the 504 or IEP, a medical or psychological evaluation, and permission to share information with IBO. Keep in mind that as a global program, IBO does not adhere to any specific country’s standards and practices for granting accommodations. Deadline for submitting a request: 6 November, 2020.

    • It is IBO policy that rescheduling the time and/or date of an IB exam will not be authorized if the exam “coincides with: local or national sporting events/competitions, school events of any kind, graduation ceremonies, local or national holidays, family events. Exceptions will not be made.”(DP Handbook B4.2.1)

    • Paying on line – submit:
      SchoolPay receipt
      • ManageBac registration report OR IB Exam Registration form (both copies)
    • Paying by cash or check - submit:
      • All three copies of IB Exam Fees form
      • ManageBac registration report or IB Exam Registration form (both copies).
    • Deadline: Monday. 9 November, 2020

    In-person payment schedule by check or cash:

    Location:  Ingraham main entrance on N. 135th St.

                Tues, 3 November         2:30pm-4:30pm

                Wed, 4 November          11:30am-2:30pm

                Thur, 5 November         2:30pm-4:30pm

    Diploma candidates must be current with CAS, EE, & TOK
    to register as a diploma candidate.