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    ARC of King County

    Group that advocates for the developmentally disabled.  Great resource for information and networking.

    Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (WA State)

    Government agency whose mission is to help people with disabilities find jobs.

    Division of Developmental Disabilities (WA State)

    Government agency that supports individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of ways.

    Ingraham High School

    Ingraham’s official website.

    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Official information about WA state education policies (somewhat hard to digest).

    School to Work

    Vocational program that many of our kids participate in the last year or two of high school.

    Seattle Public Schools

    Seattle Public Schools website

    The Source

    A Seattle Public School website where parents can look at grades and other information about their child.


    Useful links for information:

    (Sources of information for parents to research topics in special education.)

    ARC of King County

    If you click on the “resource guide” link, there is a ton on information about many topics in special education.


    Site where user can search for (and sometimes read) 1000s of scientific papers.


    This is an online encyclopedia with articles on just about everything, including topics related to special education.