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Community Based Training (CBT)

Job Sites

Job Sites

The Ingraham CBT department Transition program strives to move students toward increasing independence during their high school career. Students start out on campus with consistent job coaching, and as they mature and develop vocational skills, move to off campus job sites. As students move into their early adult years (18 -21), they work at transition job sites on campus and in the community, where job coaches fade back to allow the students increased self direction.

Job Sites at Ingraham for Students 14 -21 with Continuous Supervision

Ingraham High School
Can recycling. Pick up aluminum cans and bottles, separate and take to dumpster.

Ingraham High School

Water/ take care of plants in halls. Water plants throughout school. Prune dead leaves from plants. Pick up garbage left in pots

Community Job Sites for Students 14 -21 with Continuous Supervision

Move and wipe off tables. Set tables with tablecloths, napkins and silverware. Fill condiments. Clean pots and pans and put away dishes.

Put together brochures with inserts. Assembly. Computer data entry.

Seattle Central Community College – Mainstay

Shred documents. Recycle cans and bottles. Deliver faxes. Pick up recyclables from offices. Water plants. Assembly, packaging and collating.

Central Lutheran Church

Move tables and chairs. Wrap silverware in napkins. Make sandwiches. Bag dog food.

12 & Madison Self Storage
Dust mop floors. Wipe down doors or storage units. Weed landscape.

North Seattle Community College

Dish room. Wash pots and pans. Bus and wipe tables. Fill vending machines.

Northwest Hospital Stores Room

Fill orders for medical equipment to go to various departments. Bag medical items.

Community and school transition job sites for students 18 – 21

Job Coach is faded back. Students may take Metro.

University Food Bank
Stock shelves. Bag bagels, pastries and breads, coffee, pasta etc. Unload trucks. Go with driver and help pick up food from community outlets. Give out food to customers.

Assembly. Put together brochures with inserts. Computer data entry.

Seattle Central Community College – Mainstay
Stock shelves in convenience store. Wipe and bus tables in Atrium. Wash trays.

Bayview Manor
Help residents with social recreation.

Ingraham High School

Paper recycling. Pick up recyclable paper from classrooms and offices. Take paper to appropriate dumpster.

Ingraham High School Lunch Room

Stack chairs Help in kitchen