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    Posted on 01/27/2020

    PRIDE Guide: Hall Passes – Teacher Assistants – Running Start

    Ingraham has a Two Pass system for staff and student convenience:

    • Blue Hall Passes – Laminated Pass (8.5x11)
      • 1 student at a time
      • 3-5 min. time limit out of class
      • Blue pass used for Bathroom Breaks and Locker Runs
      • Students have passes visible to staff when out of the classroom.

    • Blue Hall Passes – non-laminated (for needs longer than 5 Min.)
      • Nurse
      • Counselors
      • SSC
      • Admin.

    • Ingraham staff will walk students, without passes, back to class.

      • We will say, “Hi, can I see your pass please?”
      • We will then say, “Well ok, let me walk with you back to class!”
      • When unexpected behaviors occur, we have a plan – at your earliest convenience contact security or the main office and tell us the time and location of your interaction. We will follow up from there.
      • When our classes are in the library or other areas, we post that on our doors.

    • Ingraham has a designated area for Running Start students between classes
      • RS students attempt to schedule their day to avoid long gaps
      • RS students will use the entry commons in the North Wing when completing work
      • RS students will remain in the Entry Commons when not in class

    • Ingraham has Classroom TA (Teacher Assistant) expectations for staff and students

      • One Classroom TA per period, per staff member
      • TAs and staff will complete the TA application form
      • TAs and staff will comply with the expectations established on the form
      • TAs will carry their TA badge with them when out of the classroom
      • TA badges will be visible to staff when outside of the classroom Staff will collect badges from their TA at the end of the period