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    IHS Principal Floe Update
    Posted on 05/04/2020
    IHS logoMay 4, 2020
    Dear Ingraham Parents,

    We are at the half way point for the stay-at-home portion of the school year. While we’ve had some hiccups along the way, I am proud of our students and staff for managing a very difficult situation. Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions I have received.

    Graduation ceremonies: The district will be sending out a survey to the senior class soon so students will have a voice in any possible graduation ceremony adjustments. With the state extension of the social distancing dates, the district is looking at alternatives that will meet state health guidelines. All options are on the table at this point including adjusting the date, place, and format. More to follow in the coming days.

    Student belongings at school: The district has a plan for students to pick up their belongings at school in the event that the stay-at-home order remains. Given the complexity of social distancing with the potential of 1,400 students retrieving their items, we were hoping for a change to the stay-at-home order. However, that does not appear to be happening (as I type this, Governor Inslee just extended the stay-at-home order to May 31st). I expect to hear more from the district in the coming days. Please suggest to your student that when they hear the principal announce over the PA system “Students, please take all of your belongings as we do not know how long we will be out”, that they take all of their belongings!

    Student/teacher engagement: Please help us keep your student engaged with their schoolwork in the manner that works for your family. The easiest way to check for engagement would be to check Schoology for upcoming and completed work. There is a “student view” option so you can see what your student sees. I highly recommend checking this if your student insists “there is nothing there”! Here is the link to the district information portal Feel free to email teachers directly if you have any questions about classwork.

    Microsoft Teams and Email: I am happy to announce that Microsoft Teams will be upgraded to include an increase of the number of participants that can be viewed at one time. Please announce this to your student. I guarantee they will say “It’s about time”! Students will also be receiving district email addresses in the coming weeks that will make student/teacher communication clearer and more efficient.

    Class registration: Please review your student’s class selections for next year. Any changes need to occur before the end of May 13th. The registration portal is in the Source at Please note that you must be logged in on the student account to see the selections. An instructional video is available at It is 7 minutes 27 seconds long. Tell your student it is a short documentary that you would like them to stream. Technically that is not a lie. Additional forms and information about Registration.

    Thank you for your time and stay healthy.

    Martin Floe
    Ingraham High School