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    IHS Bulletin May 11, 2020
    Posted on 05/12/2020
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    Friends of Ingraham Auction Happening Now!

    Reminder that the FOI Auction is now through May 13th. This fundraiser helps support all our Ingraham students, including our Bright Futures program. There are some awesome items and experiences to bid on! Jeopardy fans, you don’t want to miss out on bidding on “Trivia Night with Ken Jennings”. There are weekend getaways, Mariners and Seahawks tickets, and much more! You can also virtually "raise the paddle" and make a cash donation.

    Please watch the video, and view auction items here:

    Laptop Tech Help
    Students: If you have received a district laptop and are having technical issues, you can get help by contacting the following:
    Phone: (206)-252-0100

    Yearbooks are for sale at $65. This book is awesome from cover to cover.
    You're in it. Don't miss it!
    Click this link to order on School Pay:

    From Nurse Janet
    Just a reminder for parents and students who need to prepare for college immunization requirements.
    Need your immunization record?
    Just Google
    Or follow this link
    You can sign up and print your immunization record anytime anywhere!

    FCCLA 2020/21 Officer Application Now Open
    Ingraham FCCLA has opened up officer applications for next school year until May 31! If you are a member interested in being on the officer team, visit ingraham_fccla on Instagram for position descriptions or email Please fill out our Google Form too:

    From the Ingraham Counseling Office:

    SENIORS with FINES from previous schools. Please contact the elementary, middle school or high school librarian of the school where the fee comes from to see what to do to about it. If you opt for #3 or #4 options below, please let the librarian know that this is how you will “pay” the fine if they are agreeable. Please note that only the school librarian where the fine had incurred can remove this fine.

    Current options for paying fine(s) are:

    • Pay for the book--parent can pay online in SchoolPay.
    • Replace the lost book with the same book.
    • “Read” the book off – If you are unable to replace a lost book or pay for it, then this is the preferred way to deal with the fine. To determine how much you would need to read or work (option #4) use the following calculation. Rate of pay is equal to minimum wage so you would take the value of the book and divide by 12 (since $12.00 dollars is the current minimum wage) and that would give you the number of hours of reading/work that you need to do to replace the book.
    • Work off the book—see option #3 on how long you need to work.
    With options #3 and #4 students need to bring a note from an adult (or the adult sends an email to the librarian) saying what they read, how long they read, and how many pages they read if they were reading a physical book. The reading must take place outside of school hours. When the note is received, the fine is forgiven.

    Explore Washington Careers in Online Discussion Series for Students
    May is Career Connected Learning Month in Washington. Every school day at 3:30 PM, students can go to CareerConnect@Home and hear from people doing different types of jobs in our state.

    Imagine your future at leading organizations like Seattle Children's Hospital, public radio station KUOW, Spokane's Avista energy company, superfast superstar MOD Pizza, and more. Learn about companies and careers linked to each weekly theme:

    May 4-8: Technology & Innovation
    May 11-15: Manufacturing, Trades & Energy
    May 18-22: Startups, Small Business & Entrepreneurship
    May 26-29: Education, Health Care & Government

    Head over to CareerConnect@Home to find out what the lineup is each day and join the conversation! Follow or ask questions on Instagram.

    Cirkled In, a digital portfolio platform organization located in Redmond, WA, is offering four grants of $250 each given out every 2 weeks. Due dates are May 15th, May 31st, Jun 15th and Jun 30th. It is a free and easy application and funds can be used for food, books or anything else. Please go to with more details and for applying. These may increase if we raise more funds to support this initiative.

    The University of Washington Joint ROTC programs is hosting a virtual Open House May 11-13. There will be 3 separate Army (May 12, 11AM-12PM) , Air Force (May 11, 11AM-12PM), and Navy ROTC (May 13, 11AM-12PM) virtual sessions. They will be discussing general ROTC enrollment and also scholarship opportunities. Questions? Please contact them at or 206-543-2360.

    ROTC, or Reserve Officer Training Program, is a college program that allows for students to pursue a bachelor's degree while developing the skills to become a military officer upon graduation of college. The program is designed to teach leadership skills such as conflict management, problem solving, integrity, discipline, and much more! The Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC programs are offered nationwide and students can earn various types of scholarships to help them pay for college. Join us during these sessions to learn more!

    Minds Matter Seattle ( is a free college prep program for incoming 10th graders with at least a 3.0 GPA and who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. This organization provides academic support for math, writing & standardized test prep; sends you to two college summer programs at campuses across the country; pairs you with two dedicated mentors who provide academic and personal support; and guides you through the college application, scholarship, and financial aid processes. IT IS FREE for those enrolled. Application requirements: Minds Matter application, counselor recommendation, current teacher recommendation and a parent/guardian consent form. Apply at: The priority application deadline for students who will be 10th graders next year is coming up Sunday, May 17, though they aim to be pretty flexible with that deadline if there are students who need additional time. Questions? Please contact either Danni Li at or Matt Bishop at