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    IHS Bulletin June 1, 2020
    Posted on 06/02/2020
    IHS logoVolunteers
    Thank you for your support for our first week of cleaning out and checking out. Another week has been scheduled and we need help managing student flow, encouraging social distancing and keeping kids moving. Shifts are two hours long (with 15 min set up/handover) but please feel free to sign up for more than one shift. Please wear a MASK and report to the main office or look for other adults who are overseeing locker clean out.

    Please contact Elizabeth Hudd at if you have any volunteer questions.

    SENIORS!! Graduation is two weeks away! Please make sure you clear all your fines BEFORE senior check out days on June 10-11. Payment can be made on SchoolPay. If you have fines from a previous school, please see the options below on what to do. If you still have the book, please bring it to school when directed.

    SENIORS with FINES from previous schools. Please contact the elementary, middle school or high school librarian of the school where the fee comes from to see what to do to about it. If you opt for #3 option below, please let the librarian know that this is how you will “pay” the fine. Please note that only the school librarian where the fine had incurred can remove this fine.

    Current options for paying fine(s) are:
    • Pay for the book--parent can pay online in SchoolPay .
    • Replace the lost book with the same book.
    • “Read” the book off – If you are unable to replace a lost book or pay for it, then this is the preferred way to deal with the fine. To determine how much you would need to read, use the following calculation. Rate of pay is equal to minimum wage so you would take the value of the book and divide by 12 (since $12.00 dollars is the current minimum wage) and that would give you the number of hours of reading that you need to do to replace the book.
    With option #3, students need to bring a note from an adult (or the adult sends an email to the librarian) saying what they read, how long they read, and how many pages they read if they were reading a physical book. The reading must take place outside of school hours. When the note is received, the fine is forgiven.

    From Nurse Janet Regarding Medications at School
    On June 10th and 11th from 10am-2pm, Seniors may pick up medications in the health office by appointment. Please email me at

    If you are in 9th-11th grade, meds can be left until next fall. If you have essential medications that you must retrieve this summer, I welcome an email and we will follow the schedule for senior pickup.

    Here is the plan for medication pick up:
    1. Email ahead to secure an appointment time for June 10 and 11.
    2. Students or parents must wear a mask or face covering to enter the school.
    3. Call the Health Office upon arrival 206 252-3887
    4. One person at a time may enter to get the medication.
    5. Maintain 6 feet guide social distancing and privacy.
    6. Please observe the blue tape marked to indicate distances.
    7. The nurse will be wearing PPE and leave the medications on a table in a bag clearly marked with the student’s name.
    8. Please sign accompanying paperwork to show receipt and leave behind for the nurse’s record.
    9. The pens will be sanitized, or you may bring your own pen.

    Ingraham Theatre’s Spring Musical, “Big Fish”
    Ingraham musical theatre actors and musicians have been hard at work in quarantine to create a “radio play” version of our spring musical Big Fish! Recorded while socially distanced in their homes, the actors and musicians recorded their tracks on smart phone voice memo recorders and we have compiled and edited everything together to sound as if we are all together so that we can share this beautiful story with our community! We hope you can join us for the streaming events.
    Streaming on Facebook and YouTube this weekend.

    Yearbooks will arrive in early July and will be distributed via drive-through at the East entrance on days/times below. Note that the pick up schedule is alphabetical by last name, and try to come on the correct day.

    You will not be able to buy books at the distribution site. Please buy in advance using SchoolPay. This is so we can comply with social distancing and keep everyone healthy. Be sure to bring an ID. Having your purchase receipt on hand is also recommended in case we've mistakenly not added you to the list.

    Last name begins with A-H
    Mon, July 13: 1:00-3:00

    Last name begins with I-P
    Tues, July 14: 1:00-3:00

    Last name begins with Q-Z
    Wed, July 15: 1:00-3:00

    Click this link to order on School Pay:

    Laptop Tech Help
    Students: If you have received a district laptop and are having technical issues, you can get help by contacting the following:
    Email: or call: 206-252-0100

    From the Ingraham Counseling Office:
    This summer, OneWorld Now will be offering two 3-week online sessions of their Summer World Language Program in Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. Level 1A in each language will be offered from June 29th-July 17th and Level 1B will be offered from July 27th-August 14th.

    Students can earn 0.5 World Language credits for each session; therefore, if they completed 6 weeks (Level 1A and Level 1B), they get 1.0 credits, which is a year's worth of language study.

    The deadline to register is June 12th.

    A note on cost:
    You may remember that our summer camp used to be completely free except for a $25 registration fee. We were able to do that thanks to a generous annual grant from STARTALK (a US Dept of Defense program). Unfortunately, due to the COVID crisis, STARTALK is deferring all grants to 2021. However, we are still able to offer our summer program on a sliding scale based on family size and income, similar to what we do for our yearlong programming.

    Link to register:
    If you have any questions, please contact