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    Ensuring Opportunities for Greatness for every student
    Posted on 02/14/2018
    Seattle’s Journey Toward Institutionalizing Racial Equity
    Ensuring Opportunities for Greatness … for Every Student

    1) Positive Learning: Caring, high quality instruction is essential … but not enough
    • Graduation rates for African American students: up 12% over the past four years.
    • Academic growth for African American students is 14th best in US out of 200 largest urban districts:
    7th best among the 200 districts with the most African American students.
    • African American students in Seattle are in top quartile of Council of Great City Schools for AP courses.
    • District commitment – for four years running – to Eliminate Opportunity Gaps.
    • Own the Data: Each school completes annual school improvement plan –
    with specific plans to close the biggest opportunity and achievement gaps for their school.
    • 15 days of professional development per year for all principals: Superintendent opens each session with a focus on equity and how we can continue growing and ensuring opportunities for greatness.
    • Partnering with labor partners to improve quality teaching by Peer Assistance Review and Orientation.
    • School collaboration to identify student needs and provide positive interventions.
    • 16 schools lead the state in closing gaps; 3 middle schools have highest math scores for Black students in WA.
    • Digital Tool Kit that provides 24/7 on-line access to gap closing strategies.

    2) Positive Beliefs: Believing in each and every student … no matter what …
    • Second district in the nation to adopt a Race and Equity Policy; prominently displayed in every school building.
    • Shifting from all to every; from closing gaps to eliminating gaps; from excellence to excellence and equity.
    • Board moratorium on elementary suspensions AND funding $1M for RULER and PBIS implementation.
    • Positive alternatives to suspension. 4000 educators participated in trauma informed instruction.
    • 40% reduction in secondary suspensions.
    • Rights and Responsibility brochure was rewritten to remove negative school to prison type terminology and replace it with a growth mindset and more leeway for restorative interventions.
    • Race and Equity Teams in 43 schools: In partnership with SEA our educators’ union we bring on 10 more schools each year – working with a team from each school to build school based plans to address opportunity gaps.
    • Investing $21M per year in extra funding to help schools eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps.

    3) Positive Relationships: Knowing every student by strength, story, name:
    • 4000 educators trained annually on Relationships and Resiliency. Done in partnership with our educator and school leader unions. Student surveys asks students: … I have an adult at school that cares about me.
    • Leading schools now check and connect regularly with students and work hard to create a positive climate.
    • Identity Safety is creating a sense of belonging and a welcoming environment in each school. Knowing each student by name, story, strength, and need. Students should see evidence of students of color like themselves doing well in school. Piloting ethnic studies units for 2017-18.
    • MBK = My Brother’s Keeper is a positive mentor (of color) for chronically absent student middle school students (City funded for half our middle schools). This is our most effective program.
    • District focus on creating welcoming environment in every school.
    • SPS hired 36% administrators of color in 2017-18; 20% teachers of color; both well above state averages
    • “Grow our Own” program helps IAs, who know our students and community, become teachers.

    4) Positive Partnerships: Partnering with others to Eliminate Opportunity Gaps:
    • Labor Partners: SEA and PASS work with us on equity teams, equity PD, BLM and much more.
    • City-wide Summit drew attention to our need to work together to Eliminate Opportunity Gaps.
    The City is now investing $10M in new money each year in helping eliminate gaps.
    • Premiere Partners – ten Community Based Organizations that invest more than $1M per year in EOG work.
    • SABSE, Breakfast Group, Ethnic Studies, African American Advisory, ERAC and many more partners.
    • Seattle Housing Authority – premier partnership nation-wide. Joint letters and on-site support for our 6000 students in public housing. 24% increase in attendance during the critical first 20 days of school.
    • Seattle Council PTSA partnering with us on Family Engagement Strategies.
    • Seattle Promise (13th and 14th year scholarships) supported by Seattle Colleges and Mayor Durkan.
    • Governor’s Gold Star award for signing up 80% of eligible 8th graders for College Bound scholarships.