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    Understanding Fundraising for Ingraham Performing Arts Boosters (IPAB)

    The primary purpose of IPAB fundraising is to raise money to support the drama, choir, band, orchestra, and color guard programs. We hope that all performing arts families will find a way to support the fundraising efforts detailed below. IPAB also organizes voluntary fundraising opportunities to help students offset expenses related to their involvement in performing arts (trips, supplies, etc.).

    Have a new idea for IPAB fundraising? Eager to get involved? Have a question? Please e-mail us at

    The Ingraham Performing Arts Booster organization operates under the corporate umbrella of the Alliance for Education. The Alliance for Education is a “501(c)(3)” charitable organization registered with Washington’s Secretary of State. Additional information is available by calling or writing to: Alliance for Education, 509 Olive Way, Suite 220, Seattle, WA 98101-2557. Tel: (206) 343-0449, Fax: (206) 343-0455. Federal Identification #91-1508191. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law

    $ goes to IHS 1. Participation fees (called“lab” fees) are collected by the teachers for drama, band, orchestra, and choir. Drama students are also asked to either procure sponsors or sell advertisements for the play/musical programs.
    $ goes directly to families 2. Families buy Brown Bear Car Wash tickets from IPAB for $2.00. Families then resell for $7 and pocket their profits. Profits then used to reimburse parents for arts-related expenses (e.g., trips, supplies). Families track profits, not IPAB. Students may not sell tickets at school.
    $ goes directly to families 3. Families buy coffee from IPAB for $8/bag and sell for $12, keeping the profit to offset their students’ performing arts expenses. Coffee is also sold by IPAB volunteers at concerts and other events to the general public. In these cases, the $4 profit goes directly to IPAB. Students may not sell coffee at school.
    $ goes to student account 4. Sell Benefit Concert tickets. The December concert is a fundraiser, so audience members need to buy tickets to attend. Students can earn money for their account by selling tickets in advance. Money in student accounts can then be applied towards trips or program expenses. (75% of the ticket sales goes into a student account managed at school; the remainder goes to the Performing Arts Department’s ASB account, which benefits all students in the program.) 100 percent of proceeds from tickets sold at the door go to the Performing Arts Department’s ASB account.
    $ goes to IPAB 5. Student Showcase & Dessert Concert. This is our major fundraiser for IPAB. We sell tickets to the event, which includes performances from a variety of small ensembles.
    $ goes to IPAB 6. Donations received for donated baked goods and coffee provided at performances. Sandwiches, pizza, & other concessions sold by parent volunteers prior to concerts or performances.
    $ goes to IPAB 7. Seat cushion ($15) sales.
    $ goes to IPAB 8. “Direct Ask.” Families have the opportunity to donate money to IPAB through the coordinated giving campaign at the start of the school year. Look for information in the start-of-year packet.
    $ goes to IPAB 9. PCC scrip program. Buy $10 card(s) from IPAB that can then be re-loaded (min. recharge of $50) as often as you like. PCC donates 5% of every purchase to IPAB.
    $ goes to IPAB 10. Seattle Foundation’s Give Big day of on-line charitable giving (percentage of donations matched by Seattle Foundation).
    $ goes to IPAB 11. Matching Gifts. Please take advantage of corporate matching gifts, if available to you.