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    Frequently Asked Questions about the Performing Arts at Ingraham

     1)      How can students become involved in the performing arts at Ingraham?

    For the 2017-2018 school year, students may enroll in the following courses: Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Drumline, Jazz Bands, Concert Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Jazz, Concert Choir, Chamber singers, Drama Production, Musical Theater, or Theatre Works.

     2)      How can I get to know other families involved in the arts at Ingraham?

    ·         Come to the monthly boosters meetings: 10/3, 11/7, 12/5, 1/9, 2/6, 3/6, 4/3, 5/1 at 7pm in the band room. This is the best forum for sharing ideas and learning the ins and outs of performing arts at Ingraham.

    ·         Come to the Parent Social in September

    ·          Cheer on the band at fall football games. 

    ·         Volunteer at one of Ingraham’s many drama productions.

    ·         Volunteer to help at a concert.

    ·         Chaperone a trip

     3)      Are there auditions?

    Auditions are required for the fall and winter plays and the spring musical (see #4 below).

    Concert Orchestra is open to all interested string players. Symphony Orchestra auditions for strings, wind, and brass occur in June.  Contact Heidi Oveson for an audition time:

    Symphonic Band is open to all interested wind and brass players. Auditions for Wind Ensemble are in June.

    Jazz Band auditions are in August.   Drumline auditions are in mid-June.  Contact Shane Henderson for more information at

    Concert Choir is open to all interested singers, with a placement audition held in the fall. Vocal Jazz is an advanced choral ensemble and requires a placement audition. Chamber Singers is an advanced treble choir and also requires a placement audition. Vocal Jazz and Chamber Singers auditions happen in the spring. Interested singers can contact the director at for more information. All choirs are offered as yearlong courses.

    4)      How do students get involved in drama productions?

    Students need to register for the Drama Production class offered first semester in order to be involved in the fall and winter plays.  This class requires an audition and/or permission from the teacher.  Students interested in performing in the spring musical audition in November and then enroll in the Musical Theater class second semester.  The Theatre Works class is offered both semesters for students who then serve as tech crew for the plays and the musical. The number of instrumentalists involved in the musical is determined by the score, and those students prepare during regular music classes and after school. Finally, there are numerous opportunities to be involved in student-led drama productions, such as Dramarama and the Improv club.

     5)      Who is involved in Marching Band?

    All students enrolled in Symphonic Band and Percussion Ensemble are also part of the Ram Band (marching and pep band).

    6)      What is the Drumline?

    The drumline is an all-percussion ensemble (selected by audition) that plays with the Ram Band and Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, as well as a stand-alone ensemble.

    7)      Can a student register only for jazz band?

    At this time, students in both Jazz Bands (meets 0 period) are also expected to play in another IHS ensemble.


    8)      What happens at band camp?  When is it?

    All members of Symphonic Band are encouraged to attend a one-week camp usually two weeks before school starts.  In addition to getting to know other band members, students will learn to march, practice the pep music repertoire and be fitted for uniforms.  There is no fee for the camp.

    9)      In addition to concerts, where else do musicians at IHS perform?

    All ensembles perform in 4 concerts at Ingraham during the school year. A benefit “pops” concert is usually scheduled for a Friday in December, and all the ensembles perform that evening. Marching Band also plays at all home football games, and students rotate through the pep band to cover all home basketball games.  Concert Choir participates in the STAR student outreach program at the EMP each year, and Vocal Jazz performs in the community during the winter holidays. Concert Choir hosts an annual choral exchange, and Vocal Jazz performs a solo night each year. Jazz Band performs at a swing dance in the spring.  At the performing arts fundraiser, students perform in small ensembles. Some musicians play in the spring musical. Band, orchestra, and choir all participate in festivals and competitions, and students are encouraged to compete in the regional Solo and Ensemble festival in February (state competition is in late April). Individual Ingraham musicians may also elect to audition for the all-state and regional ensembles through the Washington Music Educators Association. Typically, an out-of-state trip alternates with trips to local or regional competitions or festivals.

    10)   What is the required concert attire?

    Orchestras:  all black for both men and women.

    Bands:  Black pants, black socks, black shoes, and white dress shirt with tie for men; black dress, skirt or pants and white, long-sleeved top, black hose and black dress shoes for women. Marching band uniforms provided by school.  Students purchase marching shoes.

    Percussion: All black--long-sleeved black dress shirt, dress slacks and black dress shoes.

    Choirs:  Choir and Vocal Jazz uniforms are owned by the Performing Arts Department and will be loaned to students for the school year. A fine will be issued for loss or damage of choir uniforms. Students are responsible for cleaning and pressing uniforms for performances throughout the year. A cleaning fee is built into the annual lab fee for cleaning services at the end of the year. Dresses, shirts, and ties are provided. Black pants and black dress shoes are the student's responsibility. Singers in Vocal Jazz will be responsible for obtaining a uniform shoe at the beginning of the school year.

    11) What fees can families expect to pay?

    A lab fee is assigned and collected at the beginning of the year by the Performing Arts teachers for each class to help cover expenses. Band, choir and orchestra also travel to competitions; those costs vary and are not included in the fees paid at the beginning of the year. Every other year, the ensembles go out of state (next trip will be in 2018).
    Ingraham Performing Arts Boosters is committed to students’ full participation in the performing arts program, regardless of financial circumstances.  Scholarships are available.

    12) How much fundraising is there?

    Students have opportunities to fundraise individually; monies earned can be used for trip fees, marching shoes, etc. Students can do as little or as much as they choose.  There are also opportunities to raise money for the entire program.

    13)  How does being in performing arts help with graduation requirements?

    Band and orchestra satisfy the occupational education requirements.  Marching band counts toward the requirements for a PE waiver.  Talk to your counselor for more details.

    14)  How can I get involved?

    The possibilities are varied:  come to monthly Booster meetings, join the booster board or fundraising committee, help with fundraising, attend the concerts and drama productions held throughout the year, provide baked goods for sale at performances, chaperone on trips and at competitions, help with publicity, sew costumes, build sets,  help backstage for plays and musicals, set up stands and chairs at concerts.