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    Advisor: Barry Erickson, Room 205
    ( We are in the process of changing to DECCA)

    Our FBLA chapter is characterized by each of our member's individualistic personalities as Seattle is charecterized by each of its many unique and flavorful communities. It is a gift to live in such a diverse and beautiful place." 

    Serving our school and helping to build school pride is a major objective of the Ingraham chapter; therefore, we completed several small projects and one major project this school year. Because we have an open campus, students go out for fast food and sometimes drop their cartons and beverage containers along the way, Since we run the school store, we are especially sensitive about finding garbage from our store scattered around the buildings. A clean-up committee invited parents, neighbor, staff and concerned students to a weekly clean up hour after school. During this time students interacted with community members and cleaned up the grounds.

    Because Ingraham is one of the only two high school in the Seattle District that is all on one level, Ingraham is home to a very special group of special education students who operate in a self contained classroom. Hosting a holiday party every December has become an annual event. FBLA plans its chapter party in the special education classroom so that these students can interact socially with members. This year we had a pizza party. We also bought small gifts for each student.

    Nevertheless, our major contribution to the school this year is our Library Courtyard Project. The planning phase of the project was critical to its success. A committee was formed to create the plan. It included collecting garden tools, soliciting local businesses to donate plants and bark, scheduling volunteer labor, researching which plants would grow best in the courtyard environment, and planning the time line.

    Over the years the library courtyard had become overgrown with the weeds and blackberry bushes. This restoration took approximately three weeks, but resulted in an inviting retreat where students and faculty could meet, read, or just quietly enjoy the scenery. 

    The most obvious benefit is the garden where once there was a patch of weeds. But the real benefit is the sense of accomplishment and pride that developed as a result of the project. 

    We recognize that a strong chapter is one in which every member has a job to do and has the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to achieve personal growth. Our chapter organization reflects that philosophy by adding the position of Photographer, Class Representatives, and Chairpersons of Standing Committees to our Executive Board. They work with the traditional officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, and Parliamentarian to develop and implement a Program of Work for the School year. Our class representatives' job is to recruit from, interact with, and represent their own class and get their class members involved in FBLA.

    In addition, every member is invited to serve on a committee and actively participate in chapter activities. At Ingraham, no member ever asks why they should come to a meeting--there is always something for everyone to do and they know what that is. 

    Ingraham uses Parliamentary procedures to conduct meetings for several reasons. First, it is efficient. We have students from all across the city, and many must take a bus home immediately after school. Therefore, we meet during a 25 minute lunch period. Second, it is an effective way to bring order and fairness to each meeting. Everyone has an opportunity to be heard. Finally, it helps prepare members for Parliamentary competitive events at regional and state conferences. We use the services of Shane Dunbar, a registered parliamentarian, and computer programmer to help our membets learn how to conduct effective meetings. 

    Every Monday the executive board meets to plan the agenda for our Tuesday meeting. It is distributed at the door or projected on the overhead projector. Students get their lunch the first five minutes of the period and bring it to ur meeting room. At 11:00 sharp the door is closed and the meeting begins on time. Members are provided with "You The Member" booklets purchased from the National Association of Parliamentarians. It helps the learn their role as active members and how to conduct the business of a meeting. 

    A chapter president and vice president are elected each year following the State Leadership Conference. This gives the President and Vice President an opportunity to learn from previous officers, our adviser, and to take leadership training during the summer. This practice also helps to ensure that the chapter does not waste any time in the fall just getting organized. Other officers are elected in September in order to give new members a chance to run for office. All officers are elected by the end of September so they can write the Program of Work. 

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